Can the Court Order My Ex to Take a Paternity Test?

Earlier this year, NBC 6 South Florida in Miami reported on an ongoing story involving a paternity lawsuit that NBA star Tristan Thompson is facing. Reportedly, paternity test results revealed that Thompson fathered a child with a woman named Maralee Nichols. Nichols filed a lawsuit against Thompson last year claiming that the NBA player was the father of her newborn. Thompson has pledged to step up and co-parent his child with Nichols. He also issued an apology to his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, who he was dating at the time he slept with Nichols.

How Do Paternity Tests Work in Florida?

In Florida, if a woman is not married at the time she has a baby, then that child does not have a legal father. In some cases, the woman may have to file a paternity lawsuit to establish the father’s parentage. Filing a paternity suit can result in the father taking a DNA test to confirm his parentage. If he is confirmed as the father, an experienced paternity lawyer can help the mother pursue action against the father to collect sufficient child support. In addition, if the father is found to be a negative influence on the child or abusive, an attorney can help limit his visitation rights.

Fathers also can file paternity lawsuits. If a father wants to establish parentage, then he can pursue legal action and secure a DNA test to prove he is the child’s father. In addition, men can also fight back against paternity lawsuits, including challenging paternity test results if they believe the test was inaccurate.

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