How Do I Lower My Child Support Payments in Florida?

Parents want to support their children and see them do well. However, many parents struggle to provide for their kids financially through no fault of their own. In some situations, the parent loses their job and struggles to find another one. In other instances, the parent has a job (maybe even multiple jobs), but their income does not provide as much financial support for their family as they need. Sometimes, you can do everything possible to make something happen and still come up short. For parents who pay child support, that can sometimes be the case. Fortunately, if a parent is struggling to make child support payments, and it’s through no fault of their own, they may be able to lower their child support payments to a more affordable amount.

Is It Possible to Lower Child Support Payments in Florida?

Modifying your child support payments in Florida is possible. However, it is not easy and generally requires the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. The reasons for child support modification vary, including:

  • The payer of child support’s financial situation changes. This could involve the payer losing their job, changing jobs, getting a demotion, or receiving a promotion.
  • The child’s financial needs change. The child may require more expensive clothes or school supplies as they get older. Or they could develop a medical condition that requires expensive care.
  • The receiver of child support’s financial situation changes. The receiver may get a job, change jobs, receive a promotion, get a demotion, or get remarried.
  • The payer or receiver of child support lied about their financial situation. This could involve the payer or receiver hiding assets or underreporting their income.

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