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Consider This When Dating before Your Divorce is Final

Getting back out on the dating scene can be exciting and fun, but when is the right time to do so? Unlike other states, Florida does not prohibit either spouse from dating while in the throes of a pending divorce.

Although not illegal, you must understand the possible ramifications of dating before your divorce is final. Before jumping into a new relationship, our attorneys outline a few questions you should ask yourself before pursuing a new love interest.

Questions to Consider

Why Do I Want To Start Dating?

Likely, it has been a while since you even thought about the possibility of a new relationship. The past few months or years have been stressful and can leave you feeling run down and lacking confidence. Dating to make yourself feel attractive can be a significant confidence boost but can also cloud your judgment, making you jump into a new relationship quickly.

Frequently, individuals who have not adequately mourned their divorce will unknowingly carry their unresolved issues from their previous relationship into their new one. Until you can move past the hurt and anger, you may not be ready to pursue something meaningful with someone new.

How Can This Affect My Children?

Seeing their parents break up is difficult enough for children. Bringing a new relationship around can affect them negatively and cause them to think their mother or father is being replaced. Furthermore, they may begin to wonder if their parent will lose interest in them and begin to spend more time with their new love interest. Allowing the dust to settle before bringing someone new into the picture helps avoid further friction.

In addition to causing a possible rift between you and your children, bringing a new significant other around can impact decisions regarding child custody. The other parent can argue that your new relationship negatively affects your children by exposing them to inappropriate behavior, especially if the new partner is spending the night. The other parent can argue that the new individual may pose a threat to the children, resulting in less custodial time awarded to you per the judge's decision.

How Will My Ex React?

Even though both parties realize their marriage is ending, jealousy may flare up when a new relationship blooms. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse may feel you have moved on so quickly that your marriage meant nothing to you.

Increased tension can prolong the decision-making process regarding important issues such as alimony, property division, and child custody agreements. In extreme cases, spouses will need the assistance of a mediator to help finalize decisions and deescalate potential uproar from both parties.

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