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How to Prepare for a Shelter Hearing

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has a hotline where people can report incidents of domestic violence involving children. The DCF takes these reports very seriously. They send out investigators to check on the kids and the situation. If the investigators determine that the allegations have merit, they will remove the children from the home.

What Is a Shelter Hearing?

A shelter hearing is held after the DCF removes children from their home because of concerns of abuse or abandonment. After removing the kids from their homes, the DCF has temporary custody of the children. A shelter hearing will be held within 24 hours of the kids being removed from their home. Shelter hearings are designed to determine whether the DCF should retain temporary custody of the children or the kids should be returned to their home.

What Happens During a Shelter Hearing?

Prior to the shelter hearing, the DCF provides the judge with an affidavit with a description of their findings and the allegations they’ve made against the children’s parents or guardians. During a shelter hearing, the judge will review the information provided by the DCF to determine if there was probable cause for removing the children from the home.

In addition, important issues such as placement, the children’s educational and medical needs, and visitation are addressed during shelter hearings. If the judge determines that the DCF had probable cause to remove the children, the kids will either be placed with a family member (if it’s safe) or in foster care.

If you’re facing a shelter hearing, the best way to prepare is to discuss your situation with an experienced dependency defense and child custody attorney. These attorneys have helped others through this process and know what to expect. They can help you prepare and ensure that you have a legitimate opportunity to regain custody of your kids.

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