Is it OK to Start Dating Before My Divorce Is Final?

Once you’ve made the painful decision that you and your spouse would be better off divorced, it’s understandable you’d be eager to put those memories behind you. Many do this by seeking solace in finding a new partner to date and get back on the dating scene before they’ve emotionally healed from their previous relationship. Not only is this unwise from a mental health point of view, but it can also hurt your chances of protecting your assets in a divorce. However, life is rarely as simple as “don’t date until the ink from the signature on your divorce decree is dried to get back on the dating scene,” especially when you’re feeling lonely and stressed from the breakdown of your marriage.

Divorce attorneys often counsel against dating during a pending divorce, even if you’re separated, because it can increase tensions between you and your ex-spouse, increasing the stress of the divorce litigation. However, family court judges rarely punish someone for dating someone new once the two spouses have physically and permanently separated. To go forth and date before your divorce is finalized can enrage the spurned soon-to-be ex and raise their suspicion that your relationship with your new partner began before the separation, leading them to try to wage a legal war against you.

Another consideration is you should take any minor children into account when it comes to having a new partner. For instance, don’t do anything in front of your children that you wouldn’t be comfortable describing to a family court judge. It’s generally frowned upon to introduce a new partner at an early stage in your relationship, not to mention it can compromise your future custodial rights. A good rule of thumb is to wait to introduce your children to a new partner after your divorce is finalized and/or when you’ve been dating them for at least 6 months.

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Are you ready to move on from your divorce and date someone new? Not so fast. By thinking critically about the possible ramifications of jumping into the arms of someone new and exciting, you can save yourself and any of your children from potential heartache and further legal issues.

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