Common Mistakes Made by Fathers in Child Custody Cases

A widely believed myth is that family law courts always favor mothers. Although this was once true, shifts in gender roles now mean that courts do not favor either gender when making child custody decisions. Rather, they look to serve the best interests of the children and believe that kids benefit from having both parents involved in their lives. Still, there are mistakes fathers make that tend to put them at a disadvantage in a custody dispute.

These are the most common child custody mistakes fathers must avoid.

Assuming You'll Lose

Unfortunately, some fathers have a defeatist attitude as they still believe their chances of obtaining custody are slim to none. Instead of going into the process with the mindset that you will lose, show the courts that you are proactive and passionate about fighting for your rights as a parent.

Being an Unsupportive Co-Parent

It might feel next to impossible to get along with your child's other parent, but it's important to set aside feelings of anger, sadness, and resentment for the sake of your children. Try to keep a level head about what custody arrangement will be best for your kids. Judges look better on couples who can set their feelings aside and put those of the children ahead of everything. Co-parenting with your ex-spouse will undoubtedly be a challenge this early on, but you need to appear as cooperative as possible.

Violating Court Orders

During the divorce process, judges will often order temporary orders for child custody and child support issues. You might disagree with them, and they might not necessarily become permanent, but it is essential to obey them in the meantime. Let your attorney work for you to get unfair rulings reconsidered.

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