When Do Divorce Rates Peak?

With the holiday season underway and most people preparing for the New Year, it may not surprise you to learn that divorce rates tend to increase in January and February when individuals are making significant changes in their lives. Dubbed as “divorce month,” January is the time of year where family law attorneys see an increase in new clients after the lull of the holidays.

Why Does Divorce Month Exist?

A Period of Change

With the New Year, January becomes a month where most people make major changes to their lives, or at least try to. Some may purchase a gym membership or begin to cook their own meals, while others will attempt the ultimate change and file for divorce. With constant reminders that January begins the New Year — which may begin your next new chapter — it’s no wonder that divorce rates increase as some look to make an intense change and divorce their spouse.

Holding Off Until After the Holidays

The holiday season is a slow season for family law, as most don’t really want to begin their divorce process in the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year. However, this does not mean that the holiday season is motive-free from divorce.

The holiday season is often a busy time where couples may learn that their relationship is no longer working for them. Despite knowing that they would not like to continue their marriage, couples may hold off filing for divorce until after the holiday season.

Common reasons why couples may hold off on filing for divorce include:

  • Not wanting to ruin the holiday season for their children,
  • Waiting until visiting family members leave,
  • Not wanting to upset family members about their divorce at special events,
  • Waiting until they have more information about divorce following a recent event,
  • Waiting for tense emotions to settle, and
  • Waiting until holiday spending is over to pay filing and retainer fees.

With how costly divorce can be — both emotionally and financially — it makes sense that many wait until the holiday season is over to begin the process of their divorces.

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