The Benefits of Putting Your Children First This Holiday Season

Your child’s first holiday season following your divorce is uncharted territory. While you may have briefly discussed the holidays while building your parenting plan, you may not have concrete plans for how to spend the holidays. What you should plan on is putting your children first this holiday season.

Why Is It Important To Put Your Children First?

When planning your time with your children this holiday season, it is essential to put your children’s wishes first. As a parent, you are responsible for their wellbeing and care, which means that supporting them through the holidays should be one of your top priorities.

Your Children Will Feel Supported

The first holiday season after your divorce can be an unstable time for your children. With old traditions gone and time spent between their parents’ homes, your children may feel a little unsettled. Putting your children first will show them that they are your top priority and ultimately help them feel supported.

It May Create Closer Bonds

Putting your children’s wishes first also brings you the chance to spend time with your children. This time spent together might strengthen your bond as a family and you may feel closer to your children. This may happen through one-on-one time or through the creation and sustaining of new traditions. Ultimately, spending time with your children may deepen a connection between your family.

It Sets The Standard For The Future

Putting your children first displays that they are the top priority. By doing this during your first holiday season following your divorce, it sets a standard that your children will be the top people in your life during the holiday season, as well as the rest of the year. Next year, when the holiday season comes around, your children may want to spend it with you again because they know that you will put them first.

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