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Prenups: What Are the Benefits?

There’s often a misconception that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich. However, that is simply not the case. Everyone who gets married, no matter their tax bracket, should think about getting a prenup.

What Are the Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements?

In some cases, bringing up a prenuptial agreement with your future marriage partner can be a touchy subject. People often have strong (and incorrect) views about prenups. There are those who believe that if a couple has a prenuptial agreement, they are somehow admitting that their marriage won’t work and others who think that if you get a prenup, you’re not getting married for the right reasons. Both those reasons are part of a host of other misconceptions about prenups.

These misconceptions are dangerous because they can prevent people from taking advantage of the many benefits that prenuptial agreements offer, including:

  • Protect your separate property – If a couple gets divorced, the court will have to determine what assets are separate property and what assets are marital property. This can include items that are dear to each of them, such as family heirlooms. A prenuptial agreement allows couples to designate what is considered marital property and what’s considered separate property, so if they ever divorce, division of property won’t be a point of contention.
  • Protect your peace of mind – If you and your spouse ever get divorced, you should understand that the process can be expensive, intense, and drawn out. However, if you have a prenuptial agreement, it can save you a lot of time, stress, and money. Many of the financial issues that would be negotiated in a divorce can be included in a prenup. This includes things like alimony and division of property. Not having to negotiate about those issues makes it much easier and cheaper to reach a divorce settlement and move on with your life. Just FYI, child support and child custody cannot be included in a prenup.

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Any responsible adult who is getting married should at least learn about and consider getting a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is simply a way to ensure that you and your future spouse’s finances are protected both during your marriage and in the event of divorce. Couples who agree to prenups are simply being realistic and understand that over time relationships can change in ways we never imagined and it’s best to be prepared for that possibility.

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