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How Do I Pause a Divorce in Florida?

Celebrity couple Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have been going through a contentious divorce in Florida. Celebrity news website TMZ recently reported that they had paused their divorce so that they could negotiate a settlement in private. Reportedly, both Stallone and Flavin, who don’t have a prenuptial agreement, had their divorce attorneys file motions to abate to give them time to reach a settlement without having the details of the deal made public.

What Is a Motion to Abate?

In Florida, if spouses want to pause their divorce proceedings, they can. To do so, they just need to have their divorce lawyers file a motion to abate. If the judge grants their motion to abate, an order of abatement will be issued, which pauses divorce proceedings between 60 and 90 days. Once those 60 to 90 days have passed, or even prior to that, if the couple no longer wants to get divorced, they can have a motion to voluntarily dismiss filed. If the spouses do want to proceed with the divorce, they can have their attorneys file a motion to continue.

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Generally, once spouses get the ball rolling on divorce proceedings, things don’t come to a halt until the divorce has been finalized. However, there are instances where one or both spouses needs to pause divorce proceedings. In some cases, the couple may be having second thoughts and want time to consider reconciliation. In other cases, they may want to settle their divorce through mediation instead of in court.

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