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Divorce Tips: What Do I Do if My Spouse Is Cutting Me Off Financially?

Recently, it was reported that Lisa Hochstein of The Real Housewives of Miami was unable to buy food and diapers for her children after her husband, Lenny Hochstein, cut her off financially.

According to Page Six, a digital celebrity news outlet, Lisa and Lenny are in the middle of a contentious divorce. Since he filed for divorce, Lenny has reportedly cut off Lisa’s American Express card, failed to put money in her account as usual for months, and taken her car away.

It is speculated that this is part of Lenny’s strategy to strengthen his position in divorce negotiations. In response, Lisa has filed a motion for temporary relief.

What Is a Motion for Temporary Relief?

In Florida, a motion for temporary relief is a way to secure short-term financial help if your spouse is financially cutting you off. A motion for temporary relief can also be filed if your spouse is denying you time with your kids or preventing you from accessing marital assets, such as a vehicle or home. The following are issues that a motion for temporary relief can help you with in Florida:

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Divorce negotiations can be extremely contentious. However, it should never result in you or your children struggling financially.

At Orshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa, we have been fighting to protect the rights of our clients and their kids during divorce negotiations for years. We know how difficult it can be to move on from someone when your lives and finances are deeply intertwined. This is especially true if your spouse has been in control of your financial situation for the bulk of your marriage.

Our experienced divorce lawyers understand that you and your children may need financial relief right away. That’s why we will work with urgency to stabilize your financial situation before we continue to negotiate the terms of your divorce.

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