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Helpful Tips for Moving Forward After Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, no matter how amicable it may be. It signals the end of a chapter in your life, and it can be hard to imagine what comes next. You may wonder, "where do I go from here?". It's natural to mourn the loss of your marriage, but at some point, you will need to begin moving forward. At Orshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa , we know how difficult it is to make the transition from a "We/Us" to "I/Me" mindset and adapt to a new normal. We have compiled a list of tips to help you get started on this journey to your new chapter.

How to Move Forward After Divorce

After a divorce, many individuals find themselves with more time and emotional energy to themselves. While this might not come immediately, making conscious decisions to rediscover the “single you” will help you ascertain what you enjoy and desire out of life, affording you the clarity and peace of mind to know what direction you want to head in. At Orshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa, we care about you and want to help you adapt to your new normal, which is why we want to provide a few suggestions for starting the process of moving on with your new life.

Take Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself is perhaps the most important thing on this list. Make sure to schedule time for yourself. If you have kids, this might be harder, but it's essential to take some time every day that is just for you. Whether going for a run, taking a yoga class, reading your favorite book, or taking a long bath, do something that will help you relax and recharge. You deserve it.

Try Something New

Now is the time to do something you've always wanted but never had the time to try. Join a workout group, pick up a new hobby, join a book club, or sign up for that pottery class you've always wanted to take. Not only will these activities keep you busy, but they will also help you meet new people and expand your social circle. This is your chance to explore new things and discover what makes you happy.

Get Involved in Your Community

One of the best ways to meet new people and improve your mental health is by getting involved in your community. Volunteer for a local organization, join a church or civic group or participate in an outreach program. These activities will help you feel connected to something larger than yourself and give you a sense of purpose if you're feeling lost.

Vacation by Yourself

If you're used to planning vacations with your spouse, it can be daunting to plan one by yourself. However, there is something liberating about being able to do whatever you want without having to consider anyone else's preferences. Remember, you don't have to travel far; a staycation can be just as relaxing.

Talk to Someone

Whether your divorce was amicable or not, it can still be an extremely isolating process.Talking to trusted friends and family members may suffice, but oftentimes seeking a therapist is the best way to discuss your relationship with a third party, without bias. A therapist will provide support and guidance as you navigate this new chapter in your life. They can help you work through your emotions and give you tools to deal with tough times. There is no shame in seeking help when you need it.

No one said moving on after divorce would be easy, but it is possible. Daily steps forward can help you rebuild your life and find happiness again. These suggestions are just a starting point; ultimately, you only know what steps you need to take to move forward after your divorce.

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