4 Dirty Tricks Used in Divorces

In the best-case scenario, you and your spouse negotiate divorce terms on fair playing fields, and you move on from your life after having an amicable separation. When you go through a divorce, this is the ideal situation, but it’s easier said than done.

Divorces are often fueled by a range of emotions from rage and hurt to jealousy and sadness, leading to vindictive spouses playing schemes. By recognizing these tactics, you can take actionable steps to counter your ex’s games.

1. Clearing out Joint Bank Accounts

You and your spouse shared a bank account, but suddenly you see that the money is gone presumably to another account. This can leave the victim of theft to deal with late bills and bounced checks. It’s in your best decision to have your attorney walk you through the steps to protect yourself financially.

2. Hiding Assets

There are many reasons one may hide assets in a divorce, but none is ethical or legal. If you suspect your spouse of concealing assets, you should inform your attorney as soon as possible. There are legal tools available that can uncover this fraudulent activity. You can also hire a forensic accountant who will analyze your financial records and look for anything missing.

3. Refusing to Cooperate

Sometimes one side will refuse to speak or cooperate with the other party. We often see this behavior used to incite anger, prolong the divorce process, and wear the other side down. It can cause serious issues when children are involved and a parent refuses to discuss a custody arrangement. If you and your spouse are unable to speak civilly, let your lawyers speak for you.

4. Making False Abuse Allegations

Unfortunately, some spouses will falsely accuse their ex of abuse to gain full legal custody of the kids. These are serious allegations that can adversely impact everyone involved. If you are being accused of this, it’s critical that you provide concrete evidence refuting the claims. Courts understand that false accusations are possible and will base their decisions on the child’s best interest and the proof available.

These are only a few of the schemes that can occur in a divorce. It’s imperative that you obtain a qualified lawyer who can counter these manipulative tactics and protect your best interests.

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