Can I Still Use Social Media During My Divorce?

Many of us scroll through our various social media feeds dozens of times a day and, in many cases, we share some of the most intimate details of our lives, including where we eat, who we spend our time with, where we stand on certain political issues, and how we manage our finances. Even if you are not explicitly stating any of these details, the information you share online can indirectly provide this information. If you are going through a divorce, this can be detrimental to the outcome of your case.

Why You Should Stay Off Social Media

Social media seems perfectly innocuous, but if you continue to use it throughout your divorce, you are taking a major gamble with your case. The information you share online can follow you in your court. Even if you unfriended or blocked your spouse, you likely have several mutual friends who can potentially relay anything you post back to your spouse. Ultimately, if there is something you do not want a judge to see, you should not post it.

Some people do not realize how much they share on social media and assume that their minimal use is acceptable. However, if you use the check-in feature, frequently share pictures, or even memes, a lot can be gleaned from these posts. For example, if you share a lot of memes that poke fun at marriage or might seem like a personal dig toward your spouse, it might not reflect well on you in court, especially if you share children. Parents should especially be wary of what they share online. If you appear unstable, hostile, or irresponsible, it will undoubtedly harm your chances in court.

If you currently allow your friends to tag you in photos or posts, you should alter these settings to ensure you are able to review tags before they are shared on your feed. Consider asking those closest to you not to share anything about your life or your divorce at this time.

As hard as it may be to abstain from using social media, the consequences of misusing it are far greater. None of the posts you share online are more important than the terms of your divorce decree.

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