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Why Did Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen File for Divorce in a Small Rural Florida Town?

Earlier this month, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen announced that they had filed for divorce. There had been speculation that their marriage was in trouble for weeks leading up to the announcement. However, they still found a way to hide the fact that they had filed for divorce. One of the ways that they were able to keep their divorce private was by filing for divorce in a small town.

According to Daily Mail, Brady and Bundchen filed for divorce in Moore Haven, Florida, which is a small town in Glades County. Tom and Gisele filed for divorce electronically after each taking a four-hour divorcing parent education course.

Reportedly, neither Brady nor Bundchen ever visited Moore Haven personally to take care of their divorce. Those who work in the court house in Moore Haven claim they treated Tom and Gisele’s divorce like anyone else’s divorce. This may be why word that the couple had divorced remained private until they chose to announce it.

Benefits of Keeping Your Divorce Private

Some people choose to handle their divorce publicly, which has its pros and cons. However, more often than not, people prefer to take care of their divorce privately. The following are the benefits of keeping your divorce private:

  • Boundaries – Your family and friends don’t need to know everything that goes on in your marriage or during your divorce. While it might feel good to reveal the problems you’ve endured during your marriage to your family and friends, it may put your loved ones in an awkward position. They may be uncomfortable knowing your personal business and feel pressured to choose between you and your ex. Sometimes, it’s best to wait until your emotions have died down and the divorce is final before opening up to your family and friends about the situation. It may allow you to do so in a way that won’t reveal more about your personal life than they should know.
  • Kids – Your divorce is going to be rough on your children. However, there are ways you can protect them and lessen their heartache. There may be details about your divorce that they don’t need to know. There may be things that they could learn that would scar them emotionally and damage your or your ex’s relationship with them for years to come. Keeping your divorce private can help prevent them from learning too much about your and your spouse’s divorce.
  • Negotiations – Keeping your divorce private can help you and your ex keep yourselves in check. Maybe one or both of you has begun to move on with someone new. Posting updates on social media about your new love probably won’t make your former spouse want to negotiate your divorce on good terms. In this case, appearances matter. Get through your divorce negotiations while revealing only what you must and then once your divorce is finalized, move on with your life however you see fit.

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