What to Do If Your Ex Harasses You After Your Divorce

Unfortunately, the messy divorce involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has dominated headlines for months. Most recently, the celebrity exes have been making news because West has been harassing Kardashian and her current partner, comedian, actor, and Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson.

According to fashion publication, Elle, the majority of Kanye West’s harassment has happened via social media. Specifically, West has been using his Instagram account to target Kardashian and Davidson. Reportedly, his posts have included an allegation that Kardashian had put a mob-style hit out on him. In another post, he accused Pete Davidson of pushing late hip hop artist Mac Miller into committing suicide. West also released a song including lyrics where he threatens to assault Davidson. However, West was quick to follow up the song’s release with a message to his fans requesting that they not get physical with Davidson, because he plans to take care of it himself.

My Ex-Spouse Is Harassing Me. What Can I Do to Stop Online Harassment in Florida?

In a perfect world, bad marriages wouldn’t happen, so there would be no divorce. However, we, unfortunately, don’t live in a perfect world. Still, couples getting divorced should be able to do so without disrespecting and abusing one another. What Kanye West has been putting Kim Kardashian through is wrong and uncalled for, and there’s no place for it in any type of divorce proceeding or civilized relationship.

Sadly, though, Kanye’s actions are nothing new when it comes to divorces. Many exes have turned to harassment as a means for expressing their displeasure with their ex-spouse and/or with the end of their relationship. Since it is a common issue, there are actions people who live in Florida can take to try to stop their ex-spouse from harassing them, such as:

  • Injunction/Restraining Order – In Florida, you may be able to get an injunction (also known as a restraining order) for your ex-spouse if they are harassing you online. However, getting a restraining order against your ex in Florida is not as simple as you might believe. You must be able to prove that your ex-spouse has directed a series of emails, social media posts, and texts that include language and/or images that serve no legitimate purpose and cause you severe emotional distress. For example, if your ex-spouse sends you angry emails or text messages concerning your kids, that may not qualify as harassment, since it probably serves a legitimate purpose. However, if your ex directs texts, social media posts, and emails at you where they threaten you with physical violence, that may serve as the proof you need to secure an injunction against them in Florida.
  • Limit Communication – In some situations, the court may be able to limit the way that you and your ex can communicate with each other. For example, if phone calls lead to shouting matches, the judge may limit your communication with one another to text messages or emails. If your ex floods you with texts, the judge may limit the number of text messages that your ex can send to you in a day or week.
  • Security – If you are worried about your ex’s harassment continuing or escalating into violence, you may need to install a security system at your home to protect yourself from them. There is also software available that can capture and save any harassing emails, social media messages, texts, and calls from your ex-spouse. This is an excellent way to gather evidence against them that proves their harassment.

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Just because you are ready to end a relationship with someone, doesn’t always mean they are ready to end the relationship too. It’s unfortunate when things turnout that way. Ideally, once you have chosen to end things with a romantic partner, they should respect your wishes and move on (with the exception, of course, of staying in contact regarding any co-parenting obligations you share). However, in far too many cases, exes resort to harassment, and other forms of abuse, to express their disapproval with the end of the relationship.

Thankfully, there are laws that can help you protect yourself and your loved ones against this type of treatment. The experienced domestic violence attorneys at Orshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa have helped several clients overcome issues involving divorce and domestic abuse. We never take these cases lightly. We understand the fear and frustration that victims feel and the very real danger they are facing. We protect our clients and aggressively pursue solutions that can help them regain control of their lives, ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones, and finally move forward into the brighter future they deserve.

If you are dealing with harassment and abuse from an ex, get yourself and your children to safety as soon as possible, contact law enforcement, and call us at (305) 853-9161 or reach out to us online as soon as you are safely able to do so.