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How Do I Know If Divorce Is the Right Decision?

Marriage is one of the most significant commitments a person can make in life, and it should never be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are times when irreconcilable differences or domestic abuse can make marriage simply unmendable. Though divorce may seem frightening, it is sometimes your only decision to keep yourself and your family safe.

This blog will discuss why divorce is sometimes necessary and will provide helpful advice and encouragement for those considering divorce but unsure if they are making the right decision.

If you or a loved one are a victim of domestic violence, help is available. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, where you will receive confidential support 24/7/365.

What Are Irreconcilable Differences?

When two people enter a marriage, they bring different backgrounds and experiences that shape their individual perspectives on life and relationships. These views can clash if there are significant disagreements over fundamental aspects of life, such as:

  • Parenting styles
  • Financial priorities
  • Religious beliefs

Ultimately, these differing opinions can create an impasse where neither person is willing to compromise, which leads to both parties feeling like their needs need to be met.

Furthermore, suppose one spouse has a more assertive personality than the other. In that case, this can make it difficult for both sides to reach a mutually beneficial decision without one feeling like they gave up too much of themselves to do so.

What Constitutes Domestic Abuse in Marriage?

Domestic abuse comes in many forms, such as physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, and financial.


Physical abuse is any action that causes bodily harm to another person. It is usually ongoing and can be unpredictable.


Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual activity that occurs without consent from one partner.


Emotional or psychological abuse involves verbal attacks such as name-calling or belittling language meant to tear down the victim's sense of self-worth and dignity.


Finally, financial abuse is when one partner controls all money coming into the household and makes financial decisions without consulting their partner.

The Dangers of Staying in An Abusive Marriage

Consequences of staying in an abusive marriage can range from long-term psychological trauma, such as depression. In extreme cases, it can result in death if the situation becomes too severe and dangerous.

Additionally, abusers often escalate their behaviors over time. What starts as emotional or psychological abuse could eventually become physical violence if left unchecked by an outside intervention such as counseling services or legal action.

Making The Right Decision

Whether you're dealing with irreconcilable differences or domestic abuse, deciding to divorce can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be shameful or embarrassing. Divorce can signify strength and courage because it requires a person to recognize when something isn't working and take action toward change.

If divorce is the right decision for you, then make sure you seek legal advice to protect your rights throughout the process and when putting together a post-divorce plan.

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