How Do I Find an Expert Witness for My Family Law Case?

Expert witnesses can play an important role in family law disputes, enabling parties to obtain supporting opinions for crucial pieces of evidence and receive a better outcome from the court. Knowing how to find an expert witness for your case could help you pursue the best results in your legal dispute.

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When Are Expert Witnesses Used?

Generally, expert witnesses are brought in when a third-party, expert opinion on a matter could help the judge or jury more accurately decide a legal matter.

Common examples of expert witnesses include:

  • In child custody cases, pediatricians, employment experts, and child and family psychologists, regularly give opinions to help the court understand what kind of custody arrangement would be best for a child. These expert witnesses may also appear in spousal support cases.
  • In property division disputes or high-asset divorces, financial experts such as forensic accountants, asset appraisers, and Certified Public Accountants often give opinions to the court. These expert witnesses can help the court penalize spouses who may have hidden assets or understand the financial ramifications of the divorce more easily, ensuring both parties obtain a fair outcome.

In more serious instances, such as divorces that involve allegations of adultery or family violence, other witnesses such as private investigators or law enforcement professionals may also be called forth for testimony.

Ask Your Attorney!

First, ask your attorney if they think you need an expert witness for your case and, if so, who they think you should contact.

Many attorneys and law firms have networks of expert witnesses they regularly rely on for cases and who have a history of success in court. Your lawyer may be able to refer you to the perfect witness for your case.

Research Local Experts

If you don't want to use your attorney's suggested witness or they don't have one on retainer for your case, you should start researching expert witnesses in your area.

One of the best ways to do this is by finding local academic publications in the area you want an expert witness for, or by asking individuals such as professors at a nearby college who they consider an expert in your area. You may also want to search for previous cases in the area similar to yours that utilized an expert witness.

Picking the Right Witness

It's crucial that you pick a well-respected witness by the academic and professional community surrounding them. An expert witness' advice must align with the general best practices of their profession to be legally admissible in court.

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